X-Pac/Cordura “Lid”/COYOTE [MW-AC18201]
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X-Pac/Cordura “Lid”/COYOTE [MW-AC18201]

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X-Pac/Cordura Nylon pouch. Light-weight, durable X-Pac fabric from DIMENSION- POLYANT is combined with INVISTA’s Cordura Nylon fabric. The roll top portion utilizes a waterproof fabric while the body comprises of anti-abrasive nylon. Adjustable roll top design can be tightened or loosened to accommodate items inside. In addition to the body, two exterior pockets are located at the base of the pouch. 【MADE IN JAPAN】 【SIZE】FREE 【ITEM NO.】MW-AC18201 【MATERIAL】NYLON 100% Learn More: meanswhile Backpack System http://backpack.meanswhile.net/#en HP: http://www.meanswhile.net/