Konbu Nylon "Outside"/VINTAGE NAVY [MW-AC17206]
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Konbu Nylon "Outside"/VINTAGE NAVY [MW-AC17206]

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Konbu nylon backpack. Special treatment applied to the nylon creates a worn-in look while strengthening the fabric and lightening its overall weight. Exterior belts and roll-top design allow various items such as skateboards to be attached. Separately sold waist pouch can also be attached to the lower portion. Designed to accommodate all types of uses and situations. HEIGHT: 52cm WIDTH: 32cm VOLUME: 25L 【MADE IN JAPAN】 【SIZE】FREE 【ITEM NO.】MW-AC17206 【MATERIAL】NYLON 100% Learn More: meanswhile Backpack System http://backpack.meanswhile.net/#en HP: http://www.meanswhile.net/